Ways In Which You Can Give Back To Your Community


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Communities have always needed the support of both large and small-scale businesses. It is the small-scale entrepreneurs that are closely linked with the local community, which is they should become active members, contributing to its success and productivity. Although most business owners have hectic schedules and it is daunting to fit in other activities to the busy days, it is vital that they find means to give back a few gifts while providing motivational tools for their employees and networking with other professionals for the good of the community as a whole. Psychology backs up the view that when members of the society work hand in hand, success is effectively accomplished faster.

How can you, as a startup or continuing small-scale entrepreneur, give back to your local community? Here are some awesome ways.

Promote Your Business and Other Local Business As Well.

One way to support the community is to support other businesses as well. Purchase local products as much as you can and save space in your webpage to link to these fellow local enterprises. This is called cross-networking with non-competing businesses, and this is one strategy that can help you widen your customer base and at the same time helping the other business owners in your community – a win-win situation for everybody!

We did manage to create a small foundation for practice in support of individuals who move along the trajectory of embracing nonviolence. Nothing to scoff at even if not the dream I had. — Miki Kashtan Ph.D.

Be A Youth Sports Team Benefactor.

Even a small-scale business owner has two or more staff, and one of them most probably have a teenage son or daughter who’s a member of a sports team. It is a wise and honorable choice to sponsor a sports team if you can afford to do just that. If you can’t, you can partner with another local company and divide the expenses. This will be great publicity for you and your partner in exchange for supporting the youth. Plus, it is simple, and it doesn’t cost you much of your time.

Join Christmas Or Summer Food Drives.

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The Christmas season is usually a time when a lot of enterprises urge their workers to bring used clothes and boxed or canned goods that can be shared with the local food shelters. This is one of the most common ways to help the community, which only needs less than an hour to do (you’ll just need to transport the goods to the shelter). During the summer season, you can sponsor a snack event for the kids and parents.

Hold A Local Competition.

Encourage teamwork, fun, and camaraderie by holding a competition for your employees. The participant employee must choose a local organization, and the money he or she gets goes to this organization. This method is one of the most productive ways to help local charities in the community. The Apprentice and other popular TV shows have engaged in this type of strategy.

Place Collection Boxes In Your Establishment.

This is another way of contributing to the community with no time pressure. You just need to choose an organization or charity that is significant to your company and place a collection box in specific areas of your business where there is high customer traffic. Families are encouraged to teach their children to be the ones to place money in the boxes to instill generosity and kindness to others who are underprivileged.

Encourage Your Workers To Volunteer.

Recently, businesses are open to allowing their employees to work in community centers and offer them paid time off just for their gesture of kindness. A business will be well respected if it shows cooperation and generosity through good deeds. Perhaps you can ‘share’ one or two employees per month to help build a stronger and healthier community. This also boosts the morale of your workers and gives them a sense of joy and humility.

If you are interested in volunteering, start with causes and organizations that are important to you. — Amy Armstrong, MS, NCC, MCC, LPC

Sponsor A Run Or A Special Concert.

You can invite a famous artist to perform in the park or a special auditorium in your place, and then pledge a portion of the profits to go to the community. Runs or marathons are also popular these days, so you can be a benefactor for a specific runner and advertise your company through his uniform, or you can fund for the whole event yourself.

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Share Your Special Skills.

As a business owner, you most likely have a field of expertise that is valuable to you and others. You might consider holding a business 101 class and teach community members the basics of running a small store. Or you can probably invite your fellow residents to speak in a small gathering and share their special skills as well, so you will be learning from each other.

Online connections, while useful for maintaining existing relationships, are not very helpful in establishing lasting, new ones. Working alongside people who feel as strongly as you do about supporting a particular cause creates a path to developing strong relationships with others. — Dawn C. Carr MGS, Ph.D.

Final Thoughts

Helping others, your community, for example, can bring you some of your greatest wins in life. Being part of something that’s bigger than your business or even yourself will surely give a sense of happiness and accomplishment. Try reaching out to your community through these ways, and experience pleasure in not only acquiring profit but also giving back a little of what you’ve earned as well.




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