Tips In Dealing With Stress From Work

Are you constantly stressed because of the unnecessary pressure that you receive from work? Is your boss giving you a hard time in the office? Do you find it challenging to connect with your work colleagues? Is it stressful on your part to show up for work daily? If you answered yes to all these, then it is a sign that you are suffering from work-related stress. Fortunately, there are tons of ways on how to handle this problem.

Most of us know that good relationships require cooperation, patience, and good communication skills, among other things. All of these behaviors can be challenging by the end of a long work-day. — Dianne Grande Ph.D.

For today’s article, we are going to share some of the smart tips that you can use so that you can eliminate this stress. Keep in mind that you are the only one who can control the way you will feel about the stressors around you. As such, you must be smart enough to know the proper steps to take in handling stress. Here are the strategies to instill in your mind:

Think Of The Reasons You Love Your Job


The first step that you must consider is to remind yourself of the primary reasons why you have decided to work for your current company. Are you receiving a good salary? Are you holding an executive position? Do you have tons of privileges under your employment contract? These are the things that you must remind yourself of so that you can increase your tolerance in handling stress at the office.

Know And Confront Your Stressors

Studies have shown that when a person is exposed to extended periods of excessive stress, the areas of the brain involved with sustained reasoning start to shrivel, the dendrites in the amygdala enlarge, and those in the prefrontal cortex shrink. In fact, it has been found that when a person is exposed to an extensive level of stress, prefrontal gray matter shrinks. — Sharie Stines, PsyD

The next thing to consider is to identify the things, people, and circumstances that cause you stress. It is essential to determine the stressors that you encounter in the workplace so that you will find it easier to get rid of them. At the same time, finding out what or who causes your stress can also be a big relief on your part. However, make sure to control your temperament when it comes to handling the stressors.


Ask For A Vacation Leave


When was the last time you took a day off to care for yourself? Can you still remember the last time you drove the entire family to a nearby town or went camping with them? Since you are already suffering from stress at work, it is best if you will find time to take a break from work. It will not only keep you away from stress but also show your loved ones how much they mean in your life.


Get The Support You Need


Aside from this, you may also consider getting help or support from the people who are close to you. If you can no longer take the stress in the office, do not hesitate to discuss your concerns to your friend or family. However, be sure that you will not talk negatively about your boss nor an officemate. Instead, try to be reasonable when it comes to talking about these matters. Remember that asking for support from a friend is not a weakness but a sign that you are strong enough to admit weakness.

The best thing we can do for ourselves in the face of stress is to ensure we know how to manage our response to it. Thinking about this in the present can help prevent misfortune or missteps now and in the future. — Marni Amsellem, PhD


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