Discussing Poverty Issues In Today’s Generation

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In the last 2017 poverty symposium, everything about the conference is overwhelming. A lot of experts, lawmakers, and officials pay special attention to mainstreaming technological and industrial innovation. There is a focus on sustaining significant investments that target a greater economic impact. The event offers a compromising discussion of policy sessions, governance monitoring, business workshops, and technological enhancements. After that symposium three years ago, what do we get now?

A lot of people are still enduring poverty. Well, considering it, it is not easy to address. It requires a lot of years of knowledge expansions, building constructions, and firm policy regulations. Honestly, long-term exploration of innovation is vital.

Poverty is not just the familiar face of individuals who cannot have food on their table. It is not just about those people sleeping on the streets and having no home. They say if you want to get over it, you need to get an education. But come to think of it. If getting an education is merely an impossible way, will that mean success is no longer attainable? Yes, education is necessary. But in most situations, people would instead choose to have something on their table rather than spending their hard-earned money for educational maintenance.

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If you see the irony, you will realize that poverty comes from a crooked system created by individuals who are on top of the pyramid. There is no such thing as equal rights. People who are on top remains on top because they do not want to spend time looking down. The people below them are what they consider ordinary and hopeless.

Now, if it is your time to reflect on poverty, can you still look at it the same way as others do? Will you still blame those unfortunate people because you think they are not trying their best?

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