How You Can Be Socially Responsible During The Pandemic

The coronavirus has taken a toll on the entire world. In the global pandemic that we are experiencing today, no one is untouchable. Everyone is under the risk of being infected by the virus. However, this does not mean that everyone is braving the waters on the same boat. While everyone is at risk of being infected by the virus, the reality is that people who have less in life are still more vulnerable and are gravely affected by the pandemic. 

“Loss of wages is never a welcome disruption, as it elicits basic fear of need for provisions,” says Reggie J. Ferreira Ph.D., Director of Tulane University’s Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy and Associate Professor of Social Work at Tulane University. 

The implementation of the lockdown in different cities around the world has caused stores to close and suspend their operations. Yes, large companies are affected by health precautions enforced by the government. However, large companies and the rich have enough resources to sustain themselves in the coming months. Sadly, employees will have to brave through the pandemic with the small amount they have saved and without any job security. 


The rich have all the resources to keep them entertained, comfortable, and safe during the lockdown. On the other hand, people who are forced or required to continue working are at high risk of being infected, but they are also trying to make ends meet. For essential workers, trying to hide from the virus means not being able to provide for their families; not going to work means a step closer to unemployment. 

Students are also not spared from the socio-economic problems brought by the pandemic. With the implementation of online classes, children belonging to low-income families probably do not have the proper gadgets and resources to cope with virtual learning. 

Taking all these into consideration, how could you help ease the burden of those who are significantly affected? Below are some ways on how you could practice being socially responsible during these unprecedented times. 

Wear Your Mask


The development of a vaccine against the Coronavirus is still on. Until vaccines are not yet available, the government’s role is to decrease the risk of infection. Aside from social distancing, experts advice that people should continue wearing a facemask to avoid infecting others. Wearing a mask is your contribution to preventing the spread of the virus. By doing so, you are not only keeping yourself safe but also the people around you. 

Launch Or Support Fundraisers

You are part of a community, and your efforts will never be too small. If you have the skill to organize fundraising projects, use that talent to be able to raise money for the most vulnerable members of your community. You could also be supportive of existing fundraising projects of organizations in your community. Buy their products, share their publicity materials, or donate to their cause. 


Support Small Businesses

Small businesses start to open during the pandemic, but it is not an indicator that the economy is good. These start-ups are most probably individuals who are trying to make money during the pandemic. From baked goods to homemade products, people are trying to make ends meet to support their families. By supporting small businesses and buying their products, you would be providing for their family’s meal in the coming days.  

Be A Good Neighbor

Call your neighbor and check how they are doing. The most accessible persons to help are your neighbors. Take time to call your neighbor during this pandemic, especially those who are most vulnerable to the situation. If you have neighbors who are immune-compromised, offer to do grocery runs for them. For your neighbors who might have been laid-off from work, share your food. These are simple ways of being socially responsible.


Be Updated

Listening to the news might be stressful during this time. Hearing the increasing number of infected persons and deaths might bring you anxiety. However, listening to reports will keep you up to date with what is happening in the world. It would make you see what the immediate needs of the community are. Knowing would help you think of possible solutions to the problem. No matter how small, your efforts will always be valuable. 


The world continues to be under threat of the virus. While the virus subsists, the consequences and problems brought by the virus pile one on top of the other. We should not turn a blind eye on how the virus has immensely affected people’s lives, especially the most vulnerable. While keeping ourselves healthy, we should all take care of one another, especially during these difficult times. 

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