Family And Community Involvement

In today’s world, families come in all forms of representation. There is the single-parent, teenage parents, military, incarcerated, multi-generational, linguistically diverse, involved father, and LGBT families. All of these types of families, regardless of their household situations, contribute to the betterment of children and people in the community. Therefore, people should acknowledge the fact that it is never okay to judge family relationships. Instead, it would be best if we share the same interest and goal in providing a peaceful community that supports and cares for each other. So how can we accomplish that? Here are some of the few things we can do.


Be Sensitive To The Family’s Needs – The best way to help families in the community is by understanding their needs. These include food, shelter, education, and social interaction. People in the neighborhood are not a societal burden when everyone is willing to guide them in building up their unit. But to obtain that, the community needs to plan visits. That way, the city can have a personal interaction with different families in the neighborhood that will allow them to identify the specific needs and save some of those families in their worse conditions.

Offer Education Experience For Families – There are tons of ways to encourage our families to consider educational community involvement. There are talent workshops and skill training programs we can attend or organize. There is also a center and classroom activities that we can start to help children and parents bond. We can utilize home learning materials, performances, and play, as well as individualized education program or IEP’s for children and parents with special needs.


Provide Training Opportunities – Everyone can accomplish a functional family and community involvement when there is a parent knowledge skill. We must learn to adapt to our community’s needs. Thus, it would be a great help if we provide parents with basic knowledge in cooking, urban planting, household organization, recycling, and waste management. With these fundamentals, we are not only promoting a clean and peaceful neighborhood, but we are also providing training opportunities that will help in individual development.

Create Community Partnership – Family and community development requires bond and partnership. To attain that, everyone should commit to service exchange. It will allow people in the community to welcome committees that can put together volunteers and social workers to assist in medical needs, particularly with physical and mental health. Also, by creating a community partnership, everyone can help families in providing economic growth. It can be done through neighborhood involvement in construction and making a lot of local purchases.

Connect Students And Parents – It is widely important that people in the community understand the student’s and parents’ connection. Therefore, people in the community should promote and support learning at home. No, children do not necessarily need to quit attending school for that suggestion. It means that the community should provide families access to different books and other educational materials for home use. It would also be helpful if the community can provide a website for children and parents to access online study kits for additional learning lessons.


Communicate Frequently Within The Community – Everyone in the community can live better and peaceful lives when there is communication. We can utilize specific methods to widen the range of message relay. These can include the utilization of telephone neighborhood hotlines, newsletters, and community meetings. Also, it is essential to have community collaboration. It can be done through family nights, carnivals, sleepovers, cultural and potluck dinners, and parent and children support groups.

Unite In Common Goal – Families in the community can make reasonable progress when everyone considers involvement in decision-making and advocacy. The community can accomplish that by setting fairs and bazaars that can welcome different people’s opinions. Also, families can contribute to hiring and policy-making and suggest or review curriculum development for more outstanding family-centered programs. It is vital that the community focus on developing an action plan for long-term improvement.

Solicit Feedback – The community must play fair in judgment. Therefore, there must be family guidelines that everyone should be willing to follow. Not only does it keep everybody involved in community development, but it will also avoid authoritative actions towards others. It is entirely significant to accentuate positive community behavior and interaction. To obtain that, people should listen to opinions and suggestions, communicate in all considerable levels, follow up news and updates, and solicit feedback.



Strong and healthy communities do not happen to develop their progress overnight. It takes a lot of time, courage, motivation, commitment, patience, and focus. If you and your family want to contribute to the community’s development, you can do so by utilizing your skills. You can utilize technology to your advantage as well so that you can spread positivity and awareness. Helping your community is not that hard. You just need to take one step forward to make a difference.

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