The Business Learning From The 2015 Atlanta American Economic Association Conference

The general information from the 2015 Atlanta American Economic Association Conference serves as a conjunction to world’s economic topics. These include the discussion of how technological innovations add meaning to industrial development. It also contains significant achievements from the latest economic research and study.


The Agenda Of The Event

The conference offers a program that allows attendees to gather fundamental information useful in handling and organizing types of businesses. It also provides in-depth coverage for economic topics such as principles and disciplines of customer assistance, providing better brands, as well as social media marketing. There’s an overview of the guidelines for society’s participation in sustainable education beneficial for world economic relation. There are hundreds of panels and speakers who are more than willing to share their expertise and knowledge to the interested audience.

Aside from getting a hold of the lessons from significant programs, job interviews are also present in the conference. It aims to bring thousands of job-seekers in front of recruiting companies for a pre-registered meeting. The progress provides benefits for the employer to get to know potential qualifiers. As for the employees, it gives them a chance to showcase their skills and build their personality.


The economic association also caters special events that provide everyone the chance to witness Presidential address, lectures and award presentations. People also participate in tons of networking opportunities available at the conference. Aside from that, attendees also get the chance to meet representatives who offer products and services connected to economic disciplines, business strategies, and technological impact.

The conference offers a chance to work with colleagues and other economic enthusiasts. The conference shares the latest in research on the emerging field of evolving economics. The unique opportunity in the even doesn’t only provide personal opportunity and contribution but also allows lasting collaboration with economists alike.

Dealing With Social Issues: How To Do It The Right Way

Solving social problems or issues is not an easy thing to do, which is why it requires a lot of great effort on your part. However, do not worry because some smart strategies can help you overcome these social issues. Take note that it can be challenging to eliminate a particular problem in society. Keep in mind that you are not the only person who is in control of the situation. The members of your social groups, such as your family or the entire community, can influence the circumstances and factors affecting the said social issue.


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Here’s How The 2015 Bellevue Economic Development Summit Empowers Small Businesses

The 2015 Bellevue Economic Development Summit was meant to give small businesses the chance to improve further their operations to be successful online marketers and, after that, become instrumental parts of the country’s economy. This summit helps small business owners in four practical ways:

Learning The Financials

Experts teach business owners the effects of investing in online marketing on their financial statements, particularly their cash flows. Thus, they can learn about how to maximize the cost they put in their marketing efforts properly. Moreover, business owners are encouraged to develop a risk mindset that would allow them to spot strategic issues right before they burst into business chaos and mitigate them efficiently.


Understanding The Marketing Concepts

Marketing is more than just advertising and promotion. It entails a whole message anchored on consumer perception that the business can use to drive consumer behavior in such a way that would be favorable for the company. Online marketing, to be effective, has to be targeted and focused; lest it is just a bunch of ads that people will ignore day in and day out.

Improving Business Models


Being customer-focused in the physical world is different from the virtual world of the Internet. Physically, businesses need a lot of face-to-face customer contact to hook customers. But in using online platforms, businesses need an easy-to-recall, sensible, and relatable message that would keep customers interested. As such, it would entail some shift in a company’s business model—a change that a business would need for it to cascade properly before it translates into reality.

Discovering Digital Opportunities

Finally, digital opportunities are exactly what a business needs to make all the planning and organizing a living, breathing, profit-generating mechanism for the company. This seminar opens up doors for partnerships among firms to build effective online presence platforms that would be resilient to challenges and changes in trends among the target market.

Summits like these are significant especially for small businesses as they navigate the way towards the digital world of marketing nowadays. Consistent online visibility, when properly monitored and implemented, translates to higher business volumes and long-term success.

How To Provide Long-Term Care For Indigenous Culture

Millions of people worldwide still identify themselves as indigenous.  They choose to remain in the land of their ancestors and have learned how to co-exist with new people who become dominant.  They have their own unique cultures, traditions, and customs.  Their way of living is very different from what we are accustomed to.  And because their beliefs are different from ours, they are often treated as inferior and second-class people.



Effects Of Empathy

During the early days, indigenous people suffer from too much discrimination.   But with the civilization moving forward, people learn about empathy.  And I believe as new people become more empathic, the discrimination and prejudice against them have decreased.  Both groups have learned to co-exist peacefully, although biases cannot be avoided from time to time.

In fact, many non-government organizations extend help to indigenous people.   They send help and assistance during calamities.  Some advocates bring in health care to have them checked by specialists and be given treatment for those suffering from sickness.  But all these are just temporary or short-term remedy to their needs.  They need more permanent or long-term care, not only a temporary solution.



Indigenous people may have a unique culture and tradition.  But no matter how odd they may be, they have to be educated, both in academics and personal health care.  Providing them access to education is a vital means for them to understand proper hygiene, grooming, and self-care.  Understanding these things combined with their usual tradition can help them improve their health and well-being, especially women.



Women carry the babies in their womb for nine months, take care of them once they are born, and nurture them until they mature.  Women should be educated on how to properly care for themselves to improve their mental and physical health.  Only with a healthy mind and body, they can be good role models, mothers, and teachers to their kids.



Indigenous people are born industrious.  They have means to make a living, although often not enough.  They missed opportunities mostly due to lack of infrastructure, education, and support from the government.

Cooperatives and entrepreneurship are now being taught to indigenous people for them to learn how to be able to sustain their needs.  Some groups of people (usually from business and government sectors) are lending capitals so they can start livelihood projects.

Most of our indigenous people live in poverty and women are marginalized.  They are often left behind when it comes to planning the living.  They are seen as just mere caretakers of the children and elderly.   But with education, women are now able to have their livelihood right in their backyard.   They are now bringing in income to the family and at the same time taking on the responsibility of raising the kids.


Being able to give their kids proper education and provide for their families, indigenous people are becoming more confident about their future and the future of their children.   They used to be threatened that they will be driven off their ancestral lands.  They used to be dying from curable diseases like measles, smallpox, and TB.  But with the long-term care provided by education and livelihood, they have more peace of mind.   Their children will no longer live in trauma and anger.  Having access to education, they will be their families provider in the future.



Nowadays, there are still some nation who look down on indigenous people.  Discrimination will do us no good, but providing them with long-term care will benefit us all.

Promoting their rights and educating indigenous people are the long-term care they need to improve their well-being and enrich the land passed on to them by their ancestors.   Technology and tradition combined will enable them to prosper and be a better contributor to society.

How The UN Sustainable Development Goals Are Changing The Landscape Of Volunteerism 

In the past years, the concept of outreach and volunteerism revolve around the idea of short-term activities. People think that once your organization visits a specific rural community, it’s already considered volunteer work. A number of them even see volunteering as part of their bucket lists during holidays. Some of their to-do lists include helping in a one-day coastal cleanup, visiting kids with disabilities, or conducting tree planting. 




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The Benefits Of Social Media In Promoting Tourism 

In terms of its effects on individuals, social media has been perceived by many to have a generally negative connotation to the human minds. At this hour, I think it’s reasonable that we deviate a little from that thought as social media has another side. In a world of digital connectivity, these social media platforms have found a way to rock the tourism industry and travel businesses – that is through effective, extensive advertising and marketing.  



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The Do’s And Don’ts OF Conducting Outreach Activities 

Conducting outreach programs are hard work. Every organization has to make sure to impact the lives of the people of the community through the implementation of projects. Great outreach programs are not obtained in a snap of your fingers. It needs a combination of dedication, patience, research, and social skills. Below are several of the do’s and don’ts when conducting outreach activities.  



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The Role Of Social Enterprises In Community Development 

Establishing social enterprises is becoming a trend in society. It is considered an agent of change and has a significant role in community development. Before tackling how it can be of help to the growth of vulnerable communities, let us first explore the ins and outs of social enterprising.  



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